Past Appearances & Events

Event • Seattle, WA

Red May: Abolish the Family!

I couldn’t be more pleased to join these amazing humans to talk about my new favorite subject: what does it mean to abolish the family? With Kathi Weeks, M.E. O’Brien, Sophie Lewis and yours truly, as part of Red May. 3pm Seattle time May 29, that’ll be 6pm Eastern.

Event • New York

Class struggle organizing in moments of crisis: with Robin D.G. Kelley and Asad Haider

With skyrocketing unemployment, essential workers striking against dangerous conditions, and social distancing imposing new constraints on activism, the pandemic crisis is posing unprecedented challenges to today’s class struggle. What lessons can we learn from socialist history and theory for our contemporary conjuncture? Join Robin D.G. Kelley, Sarah Jaffe, and Asad Haider for a discussion on lessons we can learn from the past for organizing today.

Event • Philadelphia

In Conversation: Sarah Jaffe and Malcolm Harris

We had so much fun last week we’re doing it again! On Crowdcast, Malcolm and I will talk about the various Shit that is Fucked Up and Bullshit, from coronavirus response to undervalued care work, #resistance, student debt, Duplo Marxism, and wage labor itself. Tuesday, May 5 at 6pm, HERE.

Event • Eastern Time

System in Crisis: A Working Class Vision for the Future

On May Day, 5pm Eastern, I’m facilitating a conversation with two of today’s most dynamic and inspiring labor leaders, Stacy Davis Gates of the Chicago Teachers Union and Sara Nelson of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA. 

It’s a fundraiser for the wonderful people at Labor Notes and Haymarket Books, but if you’re out of work, don’t worry, you can still tune in! Join Us.


In Conversation: Sarah Jaffe and Joanne McNeil

Joanne McNeil, author of Lurking: How a Person Became a User, joined me for the first in a series of author conversations during coronavirus. How did tech companies get shaped by the last crisis, and how will they emerge from this one? Where did Amazon get all this power, and how did Zoom take over our lives? And more importantly, how can we take that power back? Watch here.


Democracy Now: “This Is a Win for Our City”: Chicago Teachers Celebrate End of Historic Strike After 11 Days

(Part One, Part Two below)
Teachers in Chicago are heading back to school Friday, marking the end of a historic eleven-day strike that had shut down the nation’s third-largest school district. After weeks of tense negotiations, the city agreed to reduce class sizes, increase salaries by 16 percent over the next 5 years and bring on hundreds more social workers, nurses and librarians. The union demanded that teachers be able to make up the full eleven days of school before agreeing to return to work and eventually settled with the city on five days. Earlier this week, 7,500 public school workers with the Service Employees International Union, who had been striking also settled with the city earlier. I joined Democracy Now alongside Stacy Davis Gates, the Executive Vice President of the Chicago Teacher Union.