Past Appearances & Events

Event • Chicago, IL

Socialism 2017: Rust Belt Reactionaries?

I’ll be at the Socialism 2017 conference all weekend, Thursday July 6-Sunday July 9. On Friday at 2pm I am paired with the excellent Sharon Smith to talk about today’s working class, what the myths and media blitzes get wrong, and what we know about organizing. Necessary Trouble will be on sale from the good folks […]


Podcast: Off-Kilter

TalkPoverty Radio is now Off-Kilter. To kick off the inaugural episode, host Rebecca Vallas is joined by Sarah Jaffe, author of Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt, which examines resistance movements in the U.S. and how they have the power to reshape American politics. Next, Ezra Levin of Indivisible talks about what’s next for the movement […]

Event • Newburgh, NY

Troubling the Future

It’s a new world out there, one in which we’re hearing terms like “resistance” and “rebellion” a lot more often–and not just when seeing Star Wars. Come spend the evening with local Newburgh authors Sarah Jaffe and Peter Frase, whose new nonfiction books illuminate the fights we’re in and the futures we’re facing.

Event • Washington, DC

Ideas @ Work at the AFL-CIO: Necessary Trouble

Talking labor and trouble and the future with the AFL-CIO as part of their excellent Ideas @ Work author series.


TV: Barack Obama’s legacy, at Al Jazeera’s The Stream

I was a guest on Al Jazeera’s The Stream to talk about Barack Obama’s legacy with some excellent comrades, including Mychal Denzel Smith and Vijay Prashad. Part one, on domestic policy, above (and here), part two on foreign policy (and immigration) here.


Podcast: The Dig with Daniel Denvir

In case you missed our excellent appearance in Providence, RI, now you can hear my conversation with comrade Daniel Denvir on his new podcast, The Dig.

Event • Los Angeles, CA

Necessary Trouble: Sarah Jaffe and David Dayen

Join Nation Institute fellow Sarah Jaffe and journalist David Dayen as they discuss Jaffe’s new title from Nation Books, NECESSARY TROUBLE: Americans in Revolt.