Event • New York, NY

McCarthyism in the Age of Trump

The Center for the United States and the Cold War will host “The Early Cold War and How it Led to Today: Connecting the McCarthy Era to the Age of Trump” a fall symposium at New York University on September 15-16. The two-day conference will bring together renowned scholars, writers and journalists who have shaped our understanding of those years to reevaluate this crucial watershed in American history. Panel discussion topics include McCarthyism in the Age of Trump, Whatever Happened to the New Deal?, The United Nations and Postwar Internationalism, What Have We Learned Since Venona?, and Cold War Controversies (Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs, and the Smith Act Trials). The conference will explore the deep connections between the early postwar years and the age of Donald Trump, and to encourage a new wave of scholars to rediscover the Early Cold War. This event is sponsored by The Center for the United States and the Cold War at NYU’s Tamiment Library and The Nation.

I’ll be speaking on the first panel, on McCarthyism in the Age of Trump, with esteemed folks Stephen F. Cohen (Professor Emeritus, NYU and Princeton University), Suzanne Nossel (PEN America), Timothy Naftali (NYU), and Chair Victor Navasky (Nation).