Seven Questions for Sarah Jaffe

Nation Intern Emilio Leanza interviewed me about my time as a Nation intern and more.

2. When did you realize you wanted to cover labor, specifically?

I had a lot of lousy jobs and listened to a lot of punk rock. Seriously! I grew up outside of Boston and the Boston punk scene has a lot of proudly working-class bands that sing about unions, the Dropkick Murphys being the most famous. And I worked in the service industry and occasionally staged one-woman revolts over things like scraping gum from underneath tables when we had no customers and I was making $2.13 an hour.

And then when I was in graduate school, the financial crisis happened and everything was moving so quickly, I thought, “Well, I have to figure this stuff out.” When unemployment was through the roof, it wasn’t a great time to want to cover the labor movement, but Max Fraser (then-internship director) and Esther Kaplan and Laura of course gave me early encouragement. And then the Wisconsin protests kicked off in 2011 and suddenly publications wanted labor writers again!

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