Past Appearances & Events


Season of the Bitch

I joined the wonderful women at Season of the Bitch and also LA teacher Noriko Nakada and teacher librarian Lisa Cheby to talk about UTLA’s strike, how it was built, and what’s at stake.


Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill

I joined Jeremy Scahill on the Intercepted podcast to talk about the United Teachers Los Angeles strike, alongside LA teacher Noriko Nakada.


Democracy Now!

I joined Amy Goodman and United Teachers Los Angeles bargaining chair Arlene Inouye to talk about the UTLA strike, what was won, the potential for an ongoing strike wave, and more.


The Dig with Daniel Denvir

The teacher strike wave continues as more than 30,000 members of United Teachers Los Angeles walk picket lines not only for the higher wages that they deserve but also for the well-funded and great schools that the city’s working-class students of color have long been systematically denied—a situation that has been exacerbated by a corporate […]


The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

I was a guest on The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to talk about protests, riots and strikes from Los Angeles to the Paris suburbs, why revolt is hard to stick back in the bottle, and the difficulties of “hope” in 2019.


Podcast: Reasons to be Cheerful

I joined former UK Labour leader (and also my colleague as a former Nation intern) Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd on their “Reasons to be Cheerful” podcast to discuss protest, or as they put it: Hello! It’s 50 years since 1968, next year it will be 200 since the Peterloo massacre, so we are discussing […]


Hannah Arendt Center, Bard College: Citizenship and Civil Disobedience

I took part in a two-day conference this October 11-12 at Bard College’s Hannah Arendt Center to talk about citizenship and civil disobedience–specifically, I spoke on a panel about “organizing from the ground” about the recent wave of teachers’ strikes in weak union states, and took part in a wide-ranging Q&A. Thanks to Bard for […]


Podcast: Radio Dispatch with John and Molly Knefel

I joined Molly Knefel on Radio Dispatch to talk about Rahm Emanuel’s decision not to run for reelection as Chicago mayor, the roots of today’s teacher strike wave, Americans’ bad historical memory and why more people should read Marx.

Event • NYC

Lessons from the Irish Referendum

I joined Irish activists and analysts at Verso Books in Brooklyn to talk about lessons from the referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment in Ireland. We were convened by NYC for Abortion Rights, and you can watch the video here.