Podcast: Radio Dispatch with John and Molly Knefel

I joined Molly Knefel on Radio Dispatch to talk about Rahm Emanuel’s decision not to run for reelection as Chicago mayor, the roots of today’s teacher strike wave, Americans’ bad historical memory and why more people should read Marx.


Podcast: The Dig

In West Virginia, a focal point of Trump-era liberal armchair ethnography, teachers have won a historic statewide strike just as the Supreme Court is poised to rule in Janus, a case that will mark the culmination of a long right-wing effort to gut public sector unions. It’s a scary time—but maybe, just maybe, also an […]


Podcast: Radio Dispatch

I joined Molly and John to discuss the historical significance of the West Virginia teachers strike, Bari Weiss continues the New York Times tradition of attacking student activists, and Trump may have engaged in some light witness tampering.


Radio: On the Media

I was a guest on NPR’s On the Media to talk about the West Virginia teachers’ strike and the media’s bad coverage of working people. The episode also featured some of my favorite people: Marcy Wheeler [@emptywheel], independent investigative reporter, on decontextualized Mueller scooplets and Elizabeth Catte [@elizabethcatte], historian and writer, on the news media’s narratives […]


Podcast: Reconnaissance

Following Trump’s election, we wanted to think more deeply about what people mean when they talk about “working class America.” What is the future of the labor movement? In the spirit of imagining an alternative, we explore a different democratic process—that within the Teamsters Union. Reconnaissance, Episode 9: Winning America features interviews with Teamster union […]


Danthropology Podcast

On this week’s episode of the Danthropology Podcast, I talk to author, journalist, and co-host of the Belabored Podcast, Sarah Jaffe. Sarah’s new book, Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt, which I reviewed here, was published before the election but seems even more relevant today than it did just before.


Radio: This Is Hell

Obama’s incoherent Middle East / Moral panic in the 1980s / How to build a stadium / Politicians, not friends / Neoliberalism’s edge / Vaporware by gaslight.


Podcast: Season of the Bitch

This one has a special place in my heart–once upon a time my social media handle everywhere was @seasonothebitch. I changed it to my real name because you know, professionalism or something. But along came a coven of excellent socialist feminists who chose that name for their podcast, and this week I was a guest […]

Event • New York

Dire States: A Live Podcast Recording and State of the Union Watch Party

Join us January 30th, State of the Union day, for a live recording of the Podcast for Social Research, followed by a live stream of the State of the Union address! Before Trump takes to Congress to deliver his first State of the Union, guests Sarah Jaffe (the Nation Institute) and Kazembe Balagun (Rosa Luxemburg […]